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Pedro Martin De Clet

Paul Pitt

Paul Pitt's luscious paintings bring us back to a simpler time, filled with a strong sense of community and extended family. Even if we have never personally experienced his subject matter, it rings a responsive chord. However, these are not memory paintings. A church steeple or the architecture of an old barn or via duct will catch his eye, and in month's time, a new painting has come to life.

His work teems with activity, and is populated with up to two hundred and fifty children, adults and animals from Paul's imagination.

The work is meticulously and compulsively repainted up to six times before Paul is willing to pronounce the piece done. Within each large scene, there are many small stories unfolding, each with their own considerable charm and humor. And always, you will find his surprise signature-- two small boys running--one black, one white, taking turns wearing the ever present red scarf.

Because the pointillist backgrounds and constant repainting are so time and labor intensive, there are rarely more than twelve new paintings available each year. Folk art enthusiasts love Paul's work, and a large body of his paintings has been included in several important collections. Hampton Museum acquired an example in 2001, and four of his paintings have graced the cover of the Craft Digest magazine.

He has been published in Raw Vision and Folk Art, and his unique work can be seen, by appointment, at Beverly Kaye Gallery, Woodbridge, CT 203 387 5700.

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