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Pedro Martin De Clet

Anthony Guyther
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Hermaphrodite Nereid
"Hermaphrodite Nereid" #209
6 engravings used
10" x 13" hand matted
Anthony Guyther - Rara Avis
"Rara Avis, the Ruby Throated Antiques Dealer"
15 engravings used, 1989
"19" x 15" framed
Anthony Guyther - Garden Tiger Moth
"Garden Tiger Moth"
12" x 12"
beautifully framed
"Man Birds" #54
11" x13"
in beautiful antique wood frame
Anthony Guther - "Man Birds" - framed
Anthony Guyther - Man Birds
Anthony Guyther - "Bird's Nest" (framed)
Anthony Guyther - "Bird's nest"
"Bird's Nest" (framed)
Not for Sale

"Nereid" #425
Symbolist Collage
13.5" x 10"

"The Y's Man"
Limited Edition Collage
Hand Colored
11.5" x 14"

Limited Edition Collage
*Book Cover
11.5" x 14"

"Anchored Nereid" #219
Symbolist Collage p.58
12" x 14.5" Framed

"Shell Fish" #539
Symbolist Collage
12.5" x 15.5" Framed

"Wone that is Neither
Flesshe nor Fisshe" #421
Symbolist Collage
12.5" x 15.5" Framed

Five Redheads" #222
Symbolist Collage
13" x 15" Framed

"Bareback Rider" #484
Symbolist Collage
12.75" x 15.5" Framed

"Bluebird Man" #483
Symbolist Collage
14" x 16"

"Macanudo Lady" circa 1980
Collage Box
9.5" x 8.5" x 6"

"Fighting Nix" #187
Symbolist Collage
7" x 10" Framed

"Layer" #144
Symbolist Collage
10" x 12.5" Unframed

Symbolist Collages by Anthony Guyther
(a book by the same name is available).

Using black and white engravings from the 18th and 19th centuries, Guyther created composite figures which he then hand colored.

Guyther collages were commissioned by Bonwit Teller, New York City, and enlarged for their window displays; some have been used as illustrations in Dance and Pageant Magazines.

The Chicamoo Gallery of Martha's Vineyard and The Balcony Gallery of New York City were some of the avant-garde galleries that have exhibited Guyther collages.

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