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Pedro Martin De Clet

Matt Sesow

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Matt Sesow - Bird Watching
"Bird Watching"
Mixed media on paper
26" x 40"
Matt Sesow - Captured
Mixed media on paper 12" x 16"
Matt Sesow - Nomad
Mixed media on paper
9" x12"
Matt Sesow - Picking Daisies
"Picking Daisies"
Mixed media on paper
(vintage Work)
14.5" x 20"
Matt Sesow -
"Flight Over Kansas"
o/c deep mat, wood frame
20" x 23" under glass

Matt Sesow -
"Bathing with Carol"
o/c beautiful wood frame
9" x 11"

ArtBrut.com New Artists
oil / canvas
12" x 24 "
"Lost in Paradise"
watercolor on paper
suede matt, wood frame
23.5" x 30.5"

"Heaven Knows I Tried"
11" x 14"
acrylic/mixed on bristol paper

30" x 40"
oil on archival cardboard
ArtBrut.com New Artists
"Supervised Visitation"
o / canvas
16" x 20"
$600 (old repair)

Stay Awake"
11" x 14"
acrylic/mixed on bristol paper

"Join Hands",
6 feet 4" x 4 feet 2"
oil and mixed media on canvas banner

"Heaven Sent"
14" x 18"
oil on canvasboard

"Red Ants"
oil on canvas
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