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Pedro Martin De Clet

Ronald Sloan

Ronald Sloan has been obsessively painting his private world for over thirty years. An examination of this almost intact, and vast body of work, exposes an alternate reality painted in a masterful and unique style. It has remained so consistent, that only dating next to his signature reveals whether the work is early or recent. The human figure, deconstructed and then reconstructed into skeletal form, often exists in a world of fear, pain, trauma and sexual abuse. Geometric figures-- grids, boxes, far off center lines, and numbers appear hand in hand with quasi human figures struggling to make sense of an unsettling world. The disturbing themes share the canvas with recurring symbols of comfort. The mathematical elements, along with tropical vegetation, and an extraordinary talent for laying down paint in a seductive manner give you a reprieve, allowing you to catch your breath, and gather courage to look once more.

Each painting is a mini drama, audience not required. Ronald Sloan paints his world to survive yet one more day in it. On the canvas, survival often depends upon being both mute and deaf. Mother is portrayed with her mouth covered, unable to speak out about the untenable life she leads. In one painting, words warn, "Do not HEAR the Forest Burning." The inclusion of explanatory text offers precious access to this curious reality. In response to questions about the nature or purpose of his work, Ronald simply states, "I paint."

Minutia as well as trauma trigger the paintings: a glass of spilled milk, a visit from friends, his pigeons, a butterfly. Ronald works in a small space surrounded by dozens of religious icons, including crosses and Mexican "Day of the Dead" materials, rift with skeletal references. At each day's close, another painting sits completed.

Collectors, curators, and dealers are quietly adding Ronald's powerful works to their holdings and a thirty--five year retrospective is being discussed by a New England museum.

In addition to his works in paint, daybooks done in black ink, with surprising touches of cynical humor and color are also available.

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